Wednesday, October 31, 2007

That Time of Year Again!

It is Halloween once again. A time to divide people into 3 catergories - those who do celebrate, those who don't and those who just celebrate the fun stuff. Our family has chosen to be a don't. This year we have had more comments made to us about our stance than any other. So, I thought - why not post about it! As children Pookie Bear and I came from families that celebrated Halloween. We went Trick or Treating practically every year. Our church even had Halloween parties inside the sanctuary (yikes-can you imagine!). As teens we went to a few parties, but pretty much never felt like it was something we wanted to do. As parents, we really wanted to not just ban Halloween on the "Because I said so" philosophy, but to give our kids actual reasons behind it (which we do every year). It doesn't matter how much you try to sugar coat the holiday and tell yourself your only doing the fun part of it - the evilness of this day is real. When we begin to compromise we open the door to the enemy to continue to compromise. Once we have allowed our child to be introduced to demonic activity (which happens to many children on Halloween whether it was in doing something fun or not) we have to answer for it. Pookie Bear and I are not perfect parents. We make a lot of mistakes (believe me a lot!). We don't think we are better than anyone else - Far from it! But, this issue rests heavy on our hearts. As Christian parents we need to seek God first on whether this is something He wants us to have our children participate in. The enemy wants only to devour our children - the last thing we need to do is open a door and make it any easier for him under the disguise of "It's all in fun!".


Mama Lily said...

Preach it girl! I couldn't have said it better myself. Thank you

Mama Lily said...

This is Mama Lilly's man!

I agree, Mama Lilly and I heard an excellent teaching on the origins of the day a long time ago and it was quite eye opening.

Stick to your convictions girl.


KaysKorner said...

Great post Mandy,.. Non of us are perfect or are we exempt from making mistakes but compromise is an ugly thing and can leave you feeling remorse. Demonic Forces, Satanism, Spiritual Warfare all the darkness of satan. Light and Dark can not mix. Once you've seen that evil there is no fun in it. In Him there is no darkness, if you claim light lives within you then how can the darkside look fun especially from the past..
Got to call Patty

Mike's World said...

When ever the children of Israel went to a foreign land they had a bad habit of taking on the practices of the people that they were around. They spent 40 years in the wilderness for imitating Egypt. And some of them it coast them their life. the moral of this comment is God did not call us to imitate the ways of this world, but He did call us to stand out.
Your post is very much needed. Stand firm and keep up the good work. PAPA

ShaggaBear said...

Great post!!

so far, I've just tried to avoid the subject with Abby but I know the time is coming when we'll have to talk about it... probably next year. She knows nothing of the dress up and the candy. But I know she would be all over that!

My thing is, how can you dress them up all cute and then take them down the street by all the people who decorate with witches and ghosts and jack-o-lanterns, etc. and then explain that it's all just fun? Cause you can't separate the two!

Explaining Santa will be fun this year, too. Pray for us!

Hannah Girl said...

im a person who does the fun stuff with my family but i can see what your sayin
4 a church to be involved is really crazy
i might have 2 rethink whether or not i should be involved at all any more