Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Twirlgirl!!!

I can't believe my sweet little girl is 13!!! Time is flying by way too fast. First she started Jr. High and now this. God has used this little girl to teach her mommy and daddy so much! Below is a list of some of our most valuable lessons.

He taught us about the miracle of His Healing Power - Without that she wouldn't even be here!

He taught us about Prayer - We would have been completely helpless to protect this life inside my womb without it

He taught us about Faith - There is no way to face doctors concerns and statements on your own strength - Faith is the only thing that got us through
He taught us about Hope - There is a Hope and it is found believing in Him no matter what happens
He taught us about Trust - Without it the day after day of bedrest would have been unbearable, but we trusted
He taught us about Patience - Minute by Minute, Day by Day, Month by Month
He taught us about the Calm of His Presence - That is where we listened
He taught us about Selflessness - It's not about us

And most of all He taught us that God has a sense of humor and He will give you a child that acts exactly like you!