Thursday, October 30, 2008


Many Thanks to Shaggabear and Mama Lily for sharing the website for their new blog layouts. We were so excited to change ours up a bit. There are endless possibilities. Because I have trouble making decisions (you should see me with a menu at a restaurant...aaugh!), my Pookie Bear told me to use the fall them. (He likes to boss me around like that!) I have to admit it looks pretty good. I Can't wait for Christmas layouts...I bet the options will be endless, which means many hours pondering designs - oh the pressure. But, not to worry my Pookie Bear will swoop in to save the day and just tell me to Pick That One!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yard Work

We spent the day Sunday working in the yard! We mowed, weed wacked, cut down branches, pulled up the last of the garden and tore out a few rose bushes. I can't believe how much more we still have to do. Here are some pictures that were taken with my phone of all the hard work!

Here's where Tootie and Little Dude started to fight over the rake! (Stop fighting! There is plenty of rakes and hard work to go around for everyone!)
Hmmm - I wonder where my Pookie Bear is?
We ended our day with a nice hot fire. We cooked out hot dogs and roasted marshmallows with some of our newly cut branches!

And playing on the trampoline! (All four kids!)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Little Dude's Top 10

Little Dude is turning 10 on Monday. So, in honor of his birthday, I am going to list the top ten reasons he is the best little boy ever. (Please note that these are in no particular order! Although #10 is one of my favorites!)

1. He is a sweet boy with a good heart

2. He love to get hugs and to give them no matter where we are at

3. He is quirky (but not too quirky-just the right amount of quirkiness)

4. He is a cuddle bug and will get up extra early just for the chance to crawl in bed with mommy and or daddy and snuggle under the covers

5. He is very creative and likes to invent things that we periodically find attached to something in the house. On any given day you can find a new invention attached to a tree in our backyard. Everything he makes has a specific purpose behind it. He has an awesome imaginiation and draws well.

6. He puts up with ALOT from his sisters and takes it pretty well

7. He is funny - He gets jokes and likes to make people laugh. He will entertain people with the I'm melting scene from the wizard of oz or some other line he's picked up along the way. Watch out for his break dancin moves too!

8. He loves God and tries hard to implement what he learns into his life. He strives to always make good choices and think of others first!

9. He looks (and acts!) like his daddy!

10. He loves his mommy!