Monday, October 1, 2007

Cleansing Streams

This coming weekend Pookie Bear and I will once again be going to Pennsylvania to the Cleansing Stream Retreat. This will be our third time in one year. I am always feeling anxious about this time. On one hand I can't wait to go and on the other I am dreading the preparation and kid shuffling that has to be done.

Cleansing Streams is an amazing deliverance ministry that has not only changed my life but many others around me. We love facilitating the classes and having God use us in ways we never thought possible. God is chipping away at me and reforming me into the daughter He wants me to be. It has been hard and very painful at times but so worth it.

So, as we get ready for another journey please pray for us, our families, all the participants this weekend - and that Pookie Bear doesn't get us lost on the way home!!!!!!!


Mama Lily said...

Wish I could go too. It will be great as usual. I can't wait to hear on Sunday! Hopefully no one will get lost this time :)

ShaggaBear said...

Will definitely be praying for you all! I know it will be good, as always.

Maybe you should follow someone home who knows where they're going. Not Billy. :)

KaysKorner said...

Mandy, Your excitement about serving God and being all that He desires for you to be is an inspiration for me as well. Not only seeing what God has done in you, but also feeing what He is doing in you.
I love it when God chips away from me...Thank you for your sharing