Monday, March 23, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. Where has the time gone???? Things have been crazy around here. As many of you know, Pookie Bear lost his job, so I have been working as many hours as possible. God has been so good to us through this time. Our bills are paid, we have food on the table and attitudes are good. We have never felt His love like this before.

Today the kids went to the dentist. I was at work so Pookie sent some pictures to my phone. I couldn't resist putting them on here!

First up is Tootie. Here she is after a pulled tooth, a filling and a cap.

Thirty minutes later it's still numb!

Check out the smile...cracks me up!

Now it's Little Dude's turn for a filling and cap.

Again, 30 minutes later the lip is still numb!

Last, but not least is Twirl Girl.

And, the cool lip!

I wonder if they would have been so willing to pose if they knew I was putting the pictures here?!?!?!


Rachel said...

We're so sorry to hear about Pookie Bear's job. That news hadn't made it down the grapevine yet. We'll be praying. By the way... There are a number of great hospital systems really close to us. Worth a shot! I know you guys don't want to move but we'd love to have you.

ShaggaBear said...

Wow. A triple dentist trip! He was brave!!! Your kids are probably still too numb to notice the pictures.

palmtreefanatic said...

wow! All needed fillings? poor things!
What a day!
maybe they will all go to bed early and sleep well;)

KaysKorner said...

I think the kids were so cute yesterday when Gray stopped on his way back to Norwalk..(Thank you again Gary for stopping)..All three were talking(with excitement)at the same time about their experience..but Sarah kept hitting her face.. we told her..don't or when the numbness goes away then it may hurt..It was so funny..Sarah had to show me that her water would run out of her mouth..I am soooo happy Gary stopped to share this time with me..A growth step in your faith..the storms will do it every time..God is so faithful..(Mercy and Grace) a 50 mile radiance or a trunk big enough for guess

4Given2 said...

Grandma said that they all had a case of Elvis lip. hehe!
They were so excited and funny.
Love ya ALL.

KaysKorner said...

Wow pretty orange color...

Hannah Girl said...

at least they were numbed, I bet that would have hurt A LOT more if they weren't
I can't even imagine listening to them talk...I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing
REMEMBER, I love you all
P.s. I am posting late to pull an all-nighter and blogging keeps me kind of awake