Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yard Work

We spent the day Sunday working in the yard! We mowed, weed wacked, cut down branches, pulled up the last of the garden and tore out a few rose bushes. I can't believe how much more we still have to do. Here are some pictures that were taken with my phone of all the hard work!

Here's where Tootie and Little Dude started to fight over the rake! (Stop fighting! There is plenty of rakes and hard work to go around for everyone!)
Hmmm - I wonder where my Pookie Bear is?
We ended our day with a nice hot fire. We cooked out hot dogs and roasted marshmallows with some of our newly cut branches!

And playing on the trampoline! (All four kids!)


ShaggaBear said...

Nice firepit! That's an awesome way to end the day of hard work. :)

KaysKorner said...

A family that does yard work together *always*does yard work together...Is that the way it goes...If you click on the pics they will open up and you can save them...

palmtreefanatic said...

loooks like fun! We plan to have a fire going like this some time soon, certainly is cold enough;)
Hopefully you got lots done;)