Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pookie Bear Turns 40

My dear pookie bear turned 40 on Monday! He is so excited! (I can't even imagine!) His mom and oldest sister decorated the front of our house. These pictures do not do it justice. There was an inflatable walker with a panic button (hilarious!), signs all over, caution tape and dangling 40's everywhere. He Loved it. His picture was also in Monday's paper...check it out if you get the local paper. I'll post more photos later of our awesome celebration in Chicago!!! We had a blast (from the past literally!!!)


ShaggaBear said...

I just saw his picture in the paper... and cut it out for him to keep! Can't wait to see the pictures from Chicago!

Happy Birthday, Gary!!

palmtreefanatic said...

I noticed that photo in the paper, so cool!
The photos displayed look amazing! so awesome!!!
I wanna hear all about Chicago!

Hannah Girl said...

hi downing 5...i really remember that and i was scared to go over the crossing tape i was freaked out and didnt know what was going on till i actually took a moment,payed attention, and read the stuff
its amazing what you can settle if you just take a moment to realize whats going on