Thursday, August 23, 2007

What we did this summer

With school quickly approaching I thought it might be kinda fun to remember all the things that happened this summer. So here's a list of the top 20 in no particular order:

1. We built a fire pit for daddy
2. I had my 36th birthday (no tears this year!)
3. We got a new puppy
4. Our church picnic
5. Zoo
7. Great Lakes Science Center
8. Experienced our first Renassaince Festival (that was a little strange)
10. Mansoon Lagoon
11. Cedar Point
12. African Wildlife Safari
13. Swimming at Grandma and Papa's
14. Lots of Parades
15. Kids changed their first flat tire
16. Joshua caught his first fish
17. Went to the Mama Lily's Bash of the year (otherwise known as their vow renewal)
18. Pet Stingrays
19. Spent a ridiculous amount of time and money tracking down school supplies for 3 kids
20. Started a blog

So, that's a pretty good look at our summer vacation. I think I'll start putting some pictures up of the different events...some are pretty cute...a couple are hilarious (Just think...Pookie Bear, bucket on his head, a blow-up sword, a princess and a fake water blowing water dinosaur!)


ShaggaBear said...

Man, I thought we did a lot this summer! You did tons! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

(are you gonna use "code names" in your blog or real ones? just so I know.)

Mama Lily said...

Great list! I know your favorite was our Bash! :) Keep up the great posts.

palmtreefanatic said...

What a nice post!
I didn't know you went to the African Safari Wildlife park! What did you think of that? hehehe

Sounds like a fun summer and sad it has come to an end...

It took me 3 days to get all my school supplies and that was in July, Walmart kept running out of things I needed, sigh

Well Hope the kids have fun at school...

Mike's World said...

Nice blog Mandy.
Keep up the good work and have lots of fun. Just remember the more that folks comment the more you have to write. hahahaha!

Twirl Girl said...

Hey om Ilike your blogspot.